Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Weight Watchers Wednesday

Oh my gosh! I'm so glad to have internet again! They just got it hooked up yesterday at our new house. I'm surrounded by unpacked boxes and unmoved furniture to it's rightful place. My crafting may take a while to get back in full swing. I went from a very large walk-in craft closet customized with tons of storage space to a room with a small closet and no shelves. Everything is in boxes with no where to store it yet. But it will work out. Just may take a while to come up with a new organizational system. All of this is COMPLETELY off topic.... sorry...

Okay, so time for my Weight Watchers Wednesday post. Did you guys track your steps last week? How many average steps a day did you get? I've gotten more than normal with all the packing and moving boxes around, so it was a good step week for me. I'm sure it will get back to normal as soon as I get everything unpacked and put where I want it. I have my VivoFit linked to my Weight Watchers account. They auto'magically' sync with each other so that the more active I am, the more activity points I earn which can be then used for food points or just accumulate during the week. Whatever activity points that are NOT used, are wiped away when my new week starts. I was able to earn 19 activity points last week. Yes, I was tired and my feet hurt a LOT.

I couldn't find the bathroom scale until after lunch on Monday. I kept looking in large boxes for it, but it was then discovered in a small box instead. So instead of weighing myself first thing in the morning on Monday morning like I've always done, I wasn't able to weigh in until after I'd had a nice lunch. Which I'm sure reflected itself in my weight, but oh well. It was the best I could do under these circumstances.

Start 203.4 (January 26)
185.2 (April 13)
- 1.4 (for the week)
- 18.2 (since start)

Very happy with my weigh-in!

Did you see that Weight Watchers has a new JOIN incentive going on? If any of you ever want to join Weight Watchers, use this link.....


That way if there is an incentive going on for inviting a friend or joining through a friend, we will both get whatever perks may be offered. :)

Enjoy the rest of your day!
:) Janis 


  1. Awesome sauce! You keep going! In spite of a hectic schedule you stayed on course! Proud of you. Hugs!

  2. Sounds like you have been one busy gal with the move and all. Glad you have internet now as we all know how addicted to it we are. lol I know I am and I never thought I would have ever said that, especially when it was dial up! Sounds like it was a good "moving" week with the exercise end of it as well as the physical side of moving into a new house. You are doing awesome with your weight loss, keep up the great work and good luck getting settled in the new house. Hugs, Brenda