Tuesday, August 24, 2010

52Q Week 4.... THIS IS SO FUN!

Good morning!  Ready for this week's question for your Mini Me Book?  For Question #4 answer this:
What's for supper tonight?
(Include recipe if you are cooking.)
How easy is that?  And who knows, you may need that recipe in the years to come - so better write it down for yourself and future generations.  :)

Here's my page.  Nope, we aren't having turkey, I just liked the "GOBBLE GOBBLE" idea.  LOL

This turkey is from Cricut Cartridge:  CREATE A CRITTER page 70 cut @ 2 3/4"
"Gobble Gobble" page 70 cut @ 1" and again @ 3/4"

Click on the blue button below to submit a picture of your project and a link to your blog or YouTube channel or photo storage site so we can all see what you're up to.  :)  Thanks for playing!

You can submit your projects at any time for any week between now and August of next year. Previous week's links are at bottom of post, but you can also always get to them on my sidebar.

Have a fun day!  Janis


  1. Janis, I am enjoying this so much. I need to skip week #3 as my friend has the cartridge I want to use for the cutout so after class this afternoon I am moving on to this one. And I have supper planned for tonite so it's EASY.

    Thanks for sharing this album with us.

    Hugs, Heather

  2. What a great question for this week and DH made it sooooo easy for me!!! I'll be back either late tonight or Monday to look at your creations. I have these awful work hrs. today (noon to 6:30) and then I have alllllllll day tomorrow. 8am to 9pm. Hate the long days. Have an awesome weekend!!! :)