Thursday, July 29, 2010

3" x 3" MINI ALBUM

In August of last year, I posted a 3" x 3" mini album I had made.  Click here to see that post.

Recently, Mary @ CardzTV has provided instructional videos on how to make them and then how to decorate the inside of them.  Click here to see her HOW TO make it with 1 sheet of 12" x 12" sheet of paper.  Click here to see how she DECORATED the inside of it.

I forgot how much fun these were to make.  So after watching Mary's videos, I decided to make another one.  I remember me, my Mama, and my Sister spending a whole morning last year just making these.

Here are lots of pictures of the one I made today.  Sorry if some of the angles are off.  It was hard to keep the pages opened to photograph, and I was trying to keep my fingers out of the pictures.

Okay, so maybe using the flash isn't a good idea.  The border is purple, but without the flash it looks blue.

This paper is from DCWV Nana's Kids.  Buttons and felt flowers from Joann's..

These paper doilies were found at the grocery store.  Rhinestones from Joann's.

I love these white, lacy bows with the pearl in the center - also from Joann's.
The flower is from DCWV Nana's Kids with a pink rhinestone in the center from Joann's.
I used Black photo corners to keep flower in place.

The strip across the middle here can have something slipped inside.

Again, this slip can hold something.

If you have any questions, please just leave a comment.



  1. This is just great!! I would have never thought to use those paper doilies. I saw Mary's videos and I will be making some of these when I get the time!! :)

  2. Great album, I saw Mary's video too and I started making one for my daughter, I will post the pics when I am done:) Very cute!!!

  3. This turned out absolutely beautiful! The flowers and paper match perfectly! Xoxo Momo