Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Weight Watchers

Good morning!

Weight Watchers has always worked for me in the past,
and then I quit. Why? I re-signed up AGAIN last Saturday.

I love how simple Weight Watchers is. No food is off limits. You look up the points for it and decide if it's worth it to you to use that many points for the food or not. That's the kind of freedom I need. When I'm told no or you can't have something, then that just makes me stubborn and want it all the more. Weight Watchers doesn't tell me no. It just says, okay it's xx amount of points. Do you want to spend that many points on this? If so, enjoy! If not, let's look for another option. Of course WW doesn't really talk to me. This is the conversation I have going on in my head. LOL

In the past, I'd lose some weight, get some compliments, feel good about myself, and then stop counting points. And then gaining it all back. And then getting depressed a little.

WW has so many groups you can join and the inspiration is overflowing! Not just recipe groups, or groups with women (or men) that are your age and doing this too, but other groups like CRAFTING, and READING, and one I found that I LOVE - EATING WELL AT DISNEY! (We are planning a trip to Disney later this year.)

When I signed up, I had to put in my name, height, current weight, that sort of thing. Had to answer a few questions about what I eat most, my exercise level, and the like. Then it came to put in a goal weight. That stumped me. It all seems so unreal. But okay, I put in a generous goal (a lot smaller than I am, but not really where I'd like to ultimately be.) Talked with my husband about what my goal should be (he's always so supportive, and this is a very hard subject for me to talk about.) So I put in a number I thought well, if I get that far I'll be happy.

Today, as I was cruising the Connect board (where people post questions, progress, non-scale victories, scale victories, struggles, before/after or before/current photos, etc... there was this one woman who is about my age (5 years older), my exact height (not many of us short ladies out there), and about my starting weight... and she got down to 109! Wha-what!? Okay, if she can go from that weight to 109, then I can do it! Reading her story was so encouraging and exciting. 

I changed my goal weight to 109.

Ever look at photos and think, I wish I was as fat now as I thought I was then?
Yeah, me too.

I also look at pictures from my skinny days and think how good it felt to wear skinny clothes. How shopping was fun because everything fit exactly how it should.  Needless to say, I hate shopping now. But when I get skinny again (and I will), I will have so much fun clothes shopping again. I'll be able to wear cute things and not worry about how fat I look in it.

Thanks for hanging in there with this non-crafting post.

Big hugs to you!

:) Janis


  1. Good luck with WW. Tried dieting and I lose some and then gain some. It really takes a lot of will power for me

  2. Best of Luck Janis, it's haaard but get into a new way of eating and it will happen, I did and lost 3.5 stones or 49ld, and have kept it off for 3 years, if I can do it so can you, look forward to hearing of your losses.
    Hugs Faith x