Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Weight Watchers Wednesday, Week #3


This week's weigh in: -2.0
Total weight loss so far: -7.5

Hi, everyone! Hope y'all are having a good week.
Did you weigh in today?
Please leave your comments for your scale and non-scale victories, or other encouraging thoughts for those of us following my Weight Watchers Wednesdays posts.


I encourage y'all to stay active. Watching what you eat helps you become more healthy, and so does a little activity.

Now, I am not an active person. My idea of activity is going bowling or swimming... okay maybe that's more like just floating around the pool. LOL  But I am 52 years old, and I want to stay active physically and mentally as I age.

We walk at The Dome 5 days a week 1.25 miles. That's my daughter, Bonnie, walking with gusto in the 1st picture, and then one day she decided to walk like a zombie. hahahaha Hey, whatever makes it fun for her works for me!

I like walking at the Dome because it's inside, it's out of the weather (snow, rain, etc) and there is no wildlife that's going to sneak up and attack us.  We live on a mountain, and often there are bears, moose, and sometimes even lynx in our yard. Yeah, I'd rather walk inside where the beasts won't surprise me. 

Daddy Moose taking a little rest in our backyard. He was there from the time we woke up that day until after my husband came home. It was cool and all, but was driving the dogs crazy.

This little black bear was at our front door when the dogs spotted him. If I had faster reflexes, you could have seen an up close and personal picture of him at the window, but sadly, I wasn't able to get my act together until he started walking down our driveway back to the road.

This Mama and baby had me saying "awww" a lot. LOL Beautiful animals. Not friendly toward humans at all, but fun to look at from the safety of inside our house. They hung around the back yard for a short time that morning.

We also have a few walk at home DVDs we enjoy to mix things up a bit.

That's all for today! I'd love to hear from you guys. Thanks for visiting with me and leaving comments. Oh, and for watching my YouTube Weight Watchers Wednesday videos.

To find out more about Weight Watchers or to sign up, click the link below. If you join using my link, we will both get a FREE month! Woo-Hoo! WW doesn't tell me that you used my link. They will send an email that says someone used your link to join, here's a credit for your free month. So no worries. I won't stalk you or even know you signed up. :) 


Big Hugs!!