Monday, August 27, 2018

Getting Caught Up

Hi, everyone! No craft project today, but I did want to share a few things with you.

1.  We move Friday! It's been a very interesting couple of weeks since we found out we were moving. God has really blessed us. Everything is coming together nicely, and I pray God will continue to watch over us this weekend with the 5,000 mile drive from Alaska to South Carolina pulling all our belongings in a trailer behind us.

2.  I haven't posted a Weight Watchers Wednesday these past couple of weeks because everything over here has been off schedule. But here's an update: Today is my weigh in day, and I'm down 1.3 from last week with a total of -11.2 since I started last month. :) Yay!

3.  Doggies had to go to the vet to get Certificate of Health papers for the border into Canada and back into the US when we reach the lower 48. Once again we hear they are overweight and need to go on a diet too. Fine. So we are feeding them 1 cup of dry dog food combined with 1 cup of green beans each twice a day. They are loving the green beans! I don't think they realize they are on a diet. Well, Mary Ann does go to her food bowl and whine some during the day, but we distract her until it's time for them to eat again.

4.  The house is ready for loading the trailer! I still have out the essentials for day to day living, and a couple of pots I've been waiting to pack at the last minute. I also have some can food I need to donate somewhere. Goodwill wouldn't take it. Even after I called first and they said they would.

5. We found a place to live last week after we get to South Carolina!  So happy we will be back to living on the lake again. Tom is calling it our forever home.  We don't plan on moving anymore. We've moved 22+ times in our 32 years of marriage, and have enjoyed all of the new adventures. But we are both ready to settle down for retirement. It's a small home, but we think it will be cozy. All of our furniture won't fit, so we are selling some, giving some away. We still have a pool table, dining room table with 6 chairs, buffet, and a china cabinet we hope will sell before Friday when we leave. If you want to say a pray about that, I would greatly appreciate it. Also loaded in our trailer is a co-worker's of Tom's stuff who is moving down to Atlanta. So her stuff and our stuff all have to fit in this trailer. I'm not sure the dining room furniture and the pool table will fit even if it doesn't sell.

6. We have a lot more to do this week. Need to pick up refills for all of my and Bonnie's medications, return cable boxes, take the trash to the dump, clean up, do the walk through, and all sorts of stuff involved with moving.. And when we arrive in South Carolina (will take about 7 days of driving) we will have tons to do there too. Go to the closing for the house, unload, unpack, get things we need like stocking the pantry, etc. It's an exciting time, and a busy time, and we are both looking forward to being home. I will actually get to meet one of our grandchildren before they turn 6 months old! We've never been around before to see them as newborns.

Thanks for visiting me today. Again, I would love it if you would pray for a smooth drive with no issues since there are several areas of no cell service and miles and miles between nothing and small towns. Thank you so much for that. I know God hears them!

I have projects scheduled to post to my blog this week and next week, but won't get to moderate the comments for a while to have them publish. But I'll be reading them. Big Hugs! Have a marvelous week!


  1. Good luck with your BIG FINAL Move! I know how you've been talking about moving back to SC for awhile now. It really is an exciting time and hope & pray everything goes smoothly. Make sure to share those sweet pictures of your newest grand baby once you get back and find the time! HUGS!


  2. Praying you all have a safe trip back with no added problems.

  3. Safe travels, my friend!! I am praying for you and your family to have a smooth, easy trip!! I'll wave as you drive by Indiana!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Praying for safe travels! Living on the lake sounds exciting! I know you are ready to be closer to family!

    Best wishes!

  5. Dear Janis I hope the epic move goes well and that you will soon be settled in your new home. Take care. Hugs Jackie