Thursday, August 30, 2018

And We're Off!

Our internet is getting turned off today. If all goes well, we should be pulling out of the driveway around 9am Friday morning. We were planning on leaving much earlier, but need to go to the weigh station and weigh our trailer before heading out to South Carolina.

If the trailer is too heavy, then it's back to the house, unload some things to take to a storage unit, and then head out. It will delay things even longer, and cause Tom to move more things from storage back to South Carolina on another trip, but it will be worth the piece of mind knowing we aren't overloading the trailer and subjecting ourselves to exploding tires from the weight during the trip.

Please pray for us.

If we can stay on track, this is our travel plan:

Fri: 710 miles to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada
Sat: 827 miles to Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada
Sun: 797 miles to cross border, stop in Shelby, Montana, USA
Mon: 762 miles to Draper, South Dakota
Tues: 682 miles to Columbia, Missouri
Wed: 715 miles to Asheville, North Carolina
Thurs: 136 miles to Home - Prosperity, South Carolina

My tummy is doing flips because I'm so excited to be back in the lower 48 and home again very soon!

As I sit here at the kitchen island looking around downstairs, I still see so much I need to do. The island is cluttered with my computer, phone, Bible & Psalm 23 study, notebook, to do list, Happy Planner opened to August, packing tape, wrapping paper for packing, tools, purse, passports, case of bottled water, cleaning supplies, dog food....

All of our furniture is already loaded in the trailer. Just need to put in the things we are still using. The only major thing is the TV and TV stand is still in the den. But that gets packed tonight. We've been sleeping on air mattresses this week. Which isn't horrible, but this old lady has a terrible time getting off the floor in the morning. LOL

Bonnie woke up humming today. You know it's going to be a good day, when Bonnie starts it off humming.

Lots of errands and appointments today. Last busy day. Tomorrow it's time to say goodbye to beautiful Alaska for our last time, and time to head toward what Tom is calling our "forever home."

I'm not expecting to get everything unpacked and sorted right away. Normally we have that all done in just a day or 2. But I'm in no hurry this time. It will get done quickly still, but it will be a little harder since we are moving to a smaller house. Not as easy to throw boxes and things in the garage to figure out where to put it later (because we won't have a garage) or just put boxes in that extra room to figure out where it's going until later (because we won't have that extra room). But it's going to get sorted. Get unpacked. And be awesome.

Since the piano I was planning on putting at the new house won't fit, I'm looking into getting a keyboard instead. I'm not a good piano player, but I do enjoy trying to play it. Anyone out there have a keyboard you would recommend? Or not recommend?

Thanks for visiting with me today. I have craft projects scheduled to post to my blog most days while we are traveling. When we get home, get settled, and have internet, I'll be sure to jump back on the blog and tell you how it all went.

Big hugs!

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  1. Safe travels I hope it all goes well. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. Wow, I had no clue that you were moving back to the states. I was hoping I'd get to Alaska again and visit We did an Alaskan trip back in 2005 (cruise) and always thinking we would go back again. I love that you are sharing your venture with everyone...thanks for sharing.

  3. Safe travels!! Hope everything goes well with the trip.
    Have a great day!

  4. Safe travels and enjoy your trip, Janice!! Those are some long travel days you have ahead of you!! I hope it goes smoothly and you have no problems at all. Enjoy the journey!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts