Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Weight Watchers Wednesday, Week #4

This week's weight in: -1.7
Total lost so far: -9.2

I am so sorry I don't have a video for you today. I've got some health issues going on which made the weekend and Monday just horrible for me. I also have appointments every day this week, so life is busy and crazy at the moment. It's okay though. Sometimes we are just busier than we'd like to be.

Found out today we are moving in 2 weeks back home to South Carolina. We are currently in Alaska. Very happy and excited about this, and now am flooded with lots to pack and get done. Which means, I may not have a video for the next several weeks. And I probably won't have weekly updates while are are driving. It's about a 5,000 mile drive. I'll have my phone, but can't do blog posting from that. Also won't have cell service for several days during the traveling either. Lots of places in Alaska don't have cell service, and a couple of days in Canada travel without cell service.

Anyway, last week was rough as far as weight watchers. I like to weigh myself everyday to keep a close eye on how I'm doing. I've been exercising twice a day during the week, and trying to stay within my points - which I'm happy to say I was successful at all but one day last week.

My official weigh in day is Mondays even though I don't post my WW journal until Wednesdays. And let me tell you, already this week the scale is going up and down every day like it did last week. With all of the appointments already this week that have taken up most of my day, I have not done a bit of exercise. I hate that. But I'm not feeling like myself and the appointments are wearing me out. I've also made a discovery this week. When my body is fighting pain, I don't handle stress as well as I normally do. That's probably common. Anyway, no worries about me. Things will be resolved, and I'll be back to my old chipper self soon. Surgery will be put off until we get moved back home.

If you are doing WW with me, I'm so happy for you! If not, why not click this link and get some information about it. If you want to give it a try, sign up. Using my link will give you a free month and me a free month. Which is awesome.

Okay, gotta run. Appointment in a few minutes and lots of packing to get done.

Big hugs, everyone! Thanks for visiting with me today.

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  1. Hi Janis - Oh my goodness - that is grand you are moving back to your home state - Yeah - but I am sorry to read all of the issue you are dealing with at this time - I will pray for peace that passes all understanding - safe travel - and all will be CALM for you - enjoy the journey! Sending cyberhugs!