Wednesday, February 17, 2010

JoAnn's WOW Factor

Ever get Cabin Fever?  Well, this chickee got it today.  I finished a really good book, "Vi Agra Falls," this morning.  I love finishing a good book, except then I have the dilemma of what to read next.  Because there is always a 'next' with me. :)

I wanted to get out of the house into the nice weather for a change.  It's been unusually warm here.  Yesterday it got to 34 degrees.  Ice and snow are melting off the trees and rooftops.  A huge icicle feel off the roof and flew past my window where I sit at the computer yesterday and scared me to death. LOL

I rode out to JoAnn's for just a few minutes.  Didn't really want to spend any money, but wanted to look around.  I picked up the 12x12 Cricut mats that have been impossible to find around here for about a month.  But I just couldn't make myself purchase one.  I've already ordered them from Custom Crops and they are still on backorder.  I just couldn't make myself buy another pack and for a higher price even though I did have that 50% off coupon in my hand.

I walked past all the beautiful DCWV patterned paper stacks which were all 40% off.  Pick up a couple of stacks that caught my eye, then told myself, "No.  I have tons of paper.  Just say 'no'."  LOL

And then I walked down the stamping aisle.  OH MY GOSH!  They had clear stamps on clearance.  Regularly $14.99 for $2.97.  Hmmmmm.... I've been wanting some simple sayings for my cards.  Nothing large and no quotes, just quick little messages like "hi" or something like that.  So I leaned over, stooped down, and studied every single pack on clearance.  And yes, I did end up buying a pack.  But that's okay.  It's something I wanted and would never have paid $15 for.  I bought a pack of 22 stamp sayings for just under 3 bucks.  AWESOME!  I just love JoAnn's. :)

Hope you all are having a FANTASTIC day!  What's given you the "WOW FACTOR" lately?


  1. Just a quick tidbit for your info...CustomCrops is having a fantabulous sale ... I got a bunch of cricut carts for great deals...also free shipping for orders over $100. woowhooo...I am waiting patiently for 4 cartridges to come my way now :)

    Ciao for now! Lisa

  2. can't wait to see what you make!