Monday, February 15, 2010

Beautiful, Peaceful Day

What a beautiful day we are having!  Here are some pics of the many, many layers of the clouds in the sky right now.  I'll do some crafting a little later.  I'm trying to be quiet right now because my hubby and our daughter are both napping.

What are you up to today?  I'm going to grab my current read for a while.  I'm currently reading "Vi Agra Falls" by Mary Daheim.  I've only just started, but I'm already enjoying the noisy neighbors and awkward moments. :)
Here are some pictures of our fun weekend.  We parked downtown Anchorage and just walked into lots of gift shops.  It was so much fun!
See this Eagle?  Pretty impressive carving, huh?  Look at the price in the next picture.  Oh My Gosh!

Tom wants this coffee table.  It's extremely detailed.
Just what every little girl needs - a life size stuffed polar bear in their bedroom.  LOL

I want this!  This picture does not do this carving justice.  Look at the bear that almost has the salmon jumping into it's mouth.  Gorgeous!

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  1. Loved seeing the photos Janis! It's my mini armchair vacation to Alaska and as close as I'll ever get to being there! Hope you're having a great day...hugs to pretty Bonnie!