Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Weight Watchers Wednesday

It's that time of the week where we talk WEIGHT WATCHERS.

How 'bout that Before and Current photo? Interesting, huh? I've been on Weight Watchers for 16 weeks now. As of last week I had lost 23 pounds.  As of this week, make that -24.6 pounds. What has made me successful? (I do believe I am a success story in the making.) It's no big secret.

From the beginning I've asked God to help me. I have allowed myself to enjoy my favorite foods, but have limited the portion size, not made snacking on chocolate the norm, and have counted everything staying within my daily and weekly points. The week's I don't use a lot of the extra weekly points are the weeks I lose the most weight. The weeks I gain exercise points, but don't cash them in on extra food, are the weeks I lose the most weight. The more active I am during the week, the more I smile on my weigh-in day.

I am NOT an exercise enthusiast. So by active I just mean more moving around like running errands, parking further away, doing housework, walking up and down the stairs more in the house.... just normal stuff - but more of it. I also stand to eat most of the time. That's not a big deal, but standing does take more effort than sitting, and it all adds up.

Want to join me in Weight Watchers? Just click this link (Weight Watchers), and find out more.

See you next week!
:) Janis

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  1. I thought you looked pretty good in the before picture, but the after picture you are just beautiful! It shows in your face how much better you feel. You go girlfriend!!! Hugs, Brenda