Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Scrapbook Project Life Page from Week 20

Hi, everyone! Today starts a brand new Scrapbooking challenge over at Bimini Moose. It's always anything goes and the optional twist this time is "This Day in History."

I thought I'd share a couple of my scrapbook pages from Week 20 with you. There are a couple of things that happened this week that will go down in History..... at least in our family. LOL

First of all, our son who has been in the Army since he was 18, is now officially a civilian for the first time in his adult life - and after serving our country for 9 years with 2 war deployments.  That's pretty significant, and a Day In History for our family.

Second, we have only been in our new lake house for a few weeks, and for the first time in what seems like forever, we actually had all of our children in our home AT THE SAME TIME. LOL We all put on our bathing suits and went swimming!

Wait, let me correct that. Bonnie was the only one who didn't get in the lake this time, but she still joined us on the dock in her bathing suit.  We need to replace the ladder at the end of our dock (see nasty underwater picture of that slimy mess above). Bonnie is going to need something easier to use. She has a hard time just walking over bumps, sticks, curbs, etc. She doesn't need to deal with a nasty ladder like that. We are going to make getting in and out of the lake "Bonnie Friendly" so she can enjoy swimming with us (with a life jacket) with no worries and no stressful situations.

See Jimmy doing a handstand on Kati's paddle board. You go, boy!

Fun, fun, fun swimming with the kids.

See you tomorrow. Don't forget to link up your pages over at Bimini Moose!
:) Janis


Scrap Shack Designs said...

We were thinking about getting a paddle board, you guys always make it look so fun! Great photos and I love your theme for the pages and those cards!

Brenda said...

So happy to hear that your son is now a civilian Janis! My son is still in the military, with 5 more yeas to go before he can retire at the ripe old age of 38. He has done 5 deployments and I'm so ready for him to get out!! He has kids to raise now and they need him home safe and sound. So I'm really happy to hear that your son doesn't have to deploy anymore!! I love that you had all the kids home at one time. We have a hard time getting our 6 boys with their families home at the same time too. It's only happened once so far! lol I think you and Bonnie look adorable in your sunglasses, movie stars sunbathing! Looks like fun at the lake and what an incredible place to live Janis, you are so lucky my friend! Hugs, Brenda

Scrapper69 said...

Wonderful Project Life layouts Janis!!! So Happy your son is now a Civilian!!! YAY And I know how hard it is to get all the kids together at 1 time... I tried to do that last year for my Mom's 70th Birthday... It didn't work... only had 4 of us show up.. We only got together 1 time about 10 years ago... all 6 of us were together that 1 weekend... but it's all good! Enjoy the time with your family!! :) Have a Wonderful Day! :)

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