Tuesday, May 12, 2015

CTMH Freebie up for Grabs!

SHOP HERE at my CTMH online only Party. Ends FRIDAY!

Don't forget to come shopping with me over at my Close To My Heart (CTMH) party. Be sure to click on Join Janis's Facebook Party in order for your order to count toward my party sales. 

If you want a CTMH FREEBIE.... here's some info on that.

First, join our Facebook Event with this link...

The FREEBIE is only for people in that group, so if you have trouble, just friend request me on Facebook, and I'll get you added. Jen keeps doing lots of games and Freebies, so it's worth joining.

Second, here is a copy and paste of how to get that FREEBIE!

I have another stamp set to give-a-way to the next person who places an order of $25 or more!! These are really cute sets that each contain 4 stamps..who doesn't love free!! And to make this deal even better If you place an order of $50 or more I will add in an ink pad.

Easy Peasy!

SHOP HERE at my CTMH online only Party. Ends FRIDAY!

Thank you so much! If you host at CTMH party with Jen, be sure to invite me so I can order from you too.

Hugs & Smiles!
:) Janis

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