Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Keri!

Keri at birth with me, Janis
Today is the day 23 years ago, that we welcomed our daughter, Keri Annette, into our family. She was beautiful from day 1. We love you, Keri!

Keri has always enjoyed laughing and being silly.This is a photo of her at the beach during one of our many family trips. The whole Lewis family was there - grandmas, aunts, uncles, cousins... I think Keri either just finished some ice cream or is waiting to start on some.

Look at that beautiful face and those eyes! Keri loves animals. She has a very tender heart, always willing to love and trust and think the best of everyone. She also has a deep spiritual side. Keri and I have a lot in common where the Spirit World is concerned. We also have very interesting conversations.

I love this picture of her! This was taken in the play area of the First Baptist Church in North, SC that is one block from where we were living at the time. Keri has always been so beautiful.

Look!  Here is Keri and Aaron. They are such an awesome couple. Aaron has the most beautiful smile.... errrr... I mean handsome smile. He's a great man, and we love him like a son.

This is Easter when they were expecting their first child, Kevin, and our first grandson. 

Another beautiful picture of our children. They are always so happy, laughing, and having a good time no matter what is going on. I think that must be just a Lewis thing. We all seem to laugh a lot no matter what.

Look!! Our beautiful grandson has arrived and finally able to come home from the hospital after an extended stay after birth from being so sick. You handled it all very well, Keri. You are a GREAT mom!

And the laughing begins in Kevin's life too.


Keri, you are so beautiful! Kevin is lucky to have you as a mom because you are so loving and caring.

Look at the amazingly gorgeous woman she has become. Even after the birth of her son (our first grandson), Keri remains totally gorgeous. That white watch she's wearing was a gift from her daddy, Tom, during yet another family beach trip. We took a day and went to Charleston to go shopping at the mall. Tom bought us all tons of toys, games, shoes, perfume, purses, and Keri feel in love with this white watch time she saw it on display. So of course her daddy bought it for her. 

Happy Birthday, Keri! May God give you many happy memories, good times, lots of laughs, strong family ties, and a future full of promises and hope. I love you very much. I love the talks we have. I love the interests we share. I love that you are a full time working mom (with 2 jobs) and yet still manage to go to college. The happy home you have help create with Aaron shows in the happiness we see in you, in Aaron, and in your son, Kevin. Y'all are doing a wonderful job of raising Kevin. You can just tell he is a very happy child because of you two. You are amazing. Don't ever doubt that. We are very proud of you.  :) Mom

Keri at the eye doctor's this week... See, we
are a bunch of fun people in this family. :)


Kate said...

Happy Birthday to your Beautiful Daughter Keri. She has a beautiful family and so lucky to have you as her mom.


Heather said...

Happy birthday to your daughter Keri. She is gorgeous and has a wonderful looking family. She is also the exact same age (well a month older) than my son. I never knew that we had children the same age.

Boots And Bling Time said...

Happy Birthday Keri! I feel so privileged to know you through your Mom and Dad. They both love you so much and are so proud of you. You are a beautiful lady. Hope you have a very special day today.
Your Mom's friend,

Maria Matter said...

Happy Birthday Keri!
She's gorgeous Janis!! A beautiful family, such a blessing!
hugs & blessings

Linsey said...

Awww, I'm all teary eyed now a good way though :) What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL post for your stunning daughter, son-in-law and gorgeous grandbaby!! I can feel the love and joy in your photos and in your words. Keri is obviously the woman she is today because of the amazing parents she has and what a tremendous blessing that is. It fills my heart with happiness and thank you for sharing with us! Happy Birthday Miss Keri and many many more to come!!! xoxo