Monday, January 31, 2022

February Frig Calendar Time!

Hi, everyone!

I'm so sorry I haven't done a lot of crafting and sharing here on my blog lately. Our lake house is for sale, and we've had lots of showings almost every day. Which means time I do have a minute to get out my craft supplies, I end up having to pack them back up because someone asks to come see the house. I mean, that's good. We want to show it and sell it, but it's also frustrating to not have time to get involved in something for more than a few minutes. But that's okay. I know it's only temporary.

I did manage to get my February calendar magnets made over the last week here and there a few minutes at a time. I just love making these each month. 

Yes, I know there are only 28 days in February.
But when I make the magnets each month, I always make 31 so I will have enough if I choose to use them for a different month.

Days of the week - Silhouette file library

February - text & numbers added, shadow added using font PN Cranberry Sauce Bold Regular (Silhouette library)

Everything else is cut and created with Cricut

Usually I hand write the date numbers on whatever I cut out. Not really a fan of that since it looks sloppy. So this time I thought I'd get out my sticker paper and cut out the numbers. Only what I thought was sticker paper was really white printable vinyl. And I didn't want white numbers, nor did I want to go the extra step and waste part of the sheet by printing them in color & then cutting them out.

Then I had an "ah-ha" moment. Vinyl! 

I HATE gluing small pieces. Glue gets all over my fingers. But vinyl works like a sticker, right? Why didn't I think of this before?

So the numbers on the hearts are black vinyl. Very happy with how that worked out. Easy peasy.

Then I decided to make some corners to add to the different months this year. Just something extra and fun.

The little houses with times on them, are showing times people choose. When I get a time that doesn't have a house yet, I just write on a new blank house. And when we have multiple days with the same time, I make duplicates. (I haven't put this week's showing times up yet on the calendar.)

If you are still with me reading all of this, you may have noticed the photo on the frig. 

This photo is from 2009 - me and Tom and taken by our daughter, Bonnie. This is the first time we moved to Alaska. Since that time, we've lived there a total of 3 different times. This is my favorite photo of us, and it's so special because our special needs daughter took it. Not only that, it's also very precious and special, because my sweet friend, Mary of Cardz TV, (I just love her!) made this frame and put our photo in it and sent it to me for Christmas so many years ago. I love it! It stays on our frig anywhere we live. 

(We've been married 35 years.... 36 this August... and we've moved 28 different times. We love adventure and checking out new places. When our house sells this year ... if it does... we will be on move #29.  Will this be the last one? Maybe. But let's not put a cap on our adventures just yet.)

So there you have it. 
A project.
A cut list.
A photo.
A story.

See you soon!!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog,
following, & commenting!!
:) Janis, Pause Dream Enjoy

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  1. Hi Janis this is a fantastic project. I love it. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. Love you frig calendar! Cute picture of you and your hubby! Moved 28 times!! WOW! Don't think I could ever handle that.
    Have a great day