Monday, July 20, 2015

The Great Outdoors

Hi, everyone! I thought I'd create a scrapbook page with a GREAT OUTDOORS theme. I used some fun photos of our daughter, Kati, and my hubby, Tom, using Kati's new Paddle-board.

I find that Project Life pocket scrapbooking can be really fast (like this page) or you can load your pages with embellishments & die cuts. Both are perfectly acceptable. There is no right or wrong way to scrapbook. The goal is to get the photos in. This page is actually part of a week I did in May, so although there are no dates on this page itself, it is in the midst of other pages from that week so that when you are looking through the scrapbook, you know when this was.

Thanks for stopping by today!
:) Janis
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  1. I was at Lake Tahoe yesterday watching paddle boarders, It looks like fun. I love how you captured Kati on her new board

  2. OMG Janis what a super cool LO!! Love your photos the are super Funtabulous!! Definitely great photo ops and you didn't miss a one...awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing always loved see your handsome and beautiful daughter have a great and fun time. YOU ROCK!!

  3. Fantastic layout! Love all the pics~paddle boarding looks so fun!


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