Monday, July 13, 2015

AVON! I'm so excited!!

I am so excited!!  I was going to order some Avon over the weekend, but decided to just sign up and order it from myself instead. LOL  I do love new adventures.

I have used AVON since I was 6th grade. No kidding. We really don't need to discuss how long ago that was, but let's just say me and AVON go way back.

Come check out my online store where you can shop 24/7 with me and have AVON delivered right to your door. Isn't that cool?

Every now and then I'll post some NEW items or items on SALE. You can always find my online store with the SHOP AVON page tab at the top of my blog. To find out the latest and greatest I've been posting to my blog about AVON, click on the AVON NEWS tab at the top of my blog.

I'm really excited and hope I can get my business started off with a bang. You can help with that! Bookmark my online store and share the link with your friends. I'll also be posting to my new AVON Facebook page, so hop over there and get social with us, ask questions, etc.

Thank you all so much for visiting me and always encouraging me.

:) Janis
Shop AVON 24/7 with me HERE


  1. How exciting. I used to order Avon all the time. My rep retired and no one ever came back in this area. Hope you do well with it my friend.
    Have a creative day.
    Hugs Nana
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  2. Yay for you Janis! I used to get Avon, but then my Avon lady passed and the lady that took over just stopped coming. Of course back then I wasn't spending $$$ on crafty stuff either. lol But I will check you link and if I ever need anything I will order from you. Hugs, Brenda

  3. I love avon, great products ! I wish you much success.


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