Thursday, July 16, 2015

Another Chat

Seems like another crazy, busy day for me. We have a house showing this afternoon. That means I'll be packing up Bonnie and our grandson, Wyatt, plus the 2 doggies and heading to the house in North for most of the day. I'm not sure if I'll get to craft, but I'm hoping so! Seems like lately I don't have any downtime to sit and be creative. It's okay though. I know it's only temporary. I'll get back into a routine once we move in a couple of weeks.

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I met my upline in AVON yesterday. She was very nice and generous giving me some Avon brochures to get started and some delivery bags and other goodies. And you'll never believe this. She lives right down the street from me in North! I mean like go down 2 stop signs and she's on the corner. How funny is that!? I put my name and contact info on the backs of all the brochures, then went to Columbia to drop some of them off with my mama, sister, friends, etc. I don't have any samples yet, but plan on ordering some this weekend when I turn in my first order.

Okay - I am off to round up all the kids. The 2-legged ones and the 4-legged ones and head out. Enjoy your day!
:) Janis
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Brenda said...

You sound super busy Janis, but you do such a great job of handling it all! I need your energy. lol Glad that your upline is right down the road from you in the North! Sounds like you are off to a great start with your business! Hugs, Brenda