Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Weight Watchers Wednesday

Don't you love that poster above?
This week I lost a whopping -0.2 pounds.
Hey, it's a loss!  I'll take it!

I did not eat well last week at all.
I skipped meals,
Didn't drink enough water.
Didn't do a lot of walking.
Had tons of trouble sleeping all week.
Some weeks are like that I suppose.
I'm not perfect.
Perfection would be boring.

this week..........
let's do this right!
I want big results next Monday on my next weigh in.
I weigh myself every morning.
I've been flirting with 175, but haven't maintained that for more than a day.
I really want 175 next week.

Stay motivated!

:) Janis


  1. I have total faith in you Janis! I know you can do this! I'm so proud of your accomplishments so far, you are doing great. We all have weeks that aren't the best, we aren't perfect so it is ok to have an off week. You just get back on track and all is well. And a loss is a loss no matter how small!! Hugs, Brenda

  2. 0.2 is 0.2! So proud of you! Last week was just that. Last week! I started on April 28th. My weigh in day is Sunday's and this week I was up .5. Started over Monday with a bang! Onward and upward! Well actually, hopefully down! Hugs.

  3. I'm in (again). I going to register today. You are such an inspiration. What is your solution for being disciplined and staying on track? <3Kim