Friday, June 5, 2015

Project Life Scrapbook Page

Hi! Here is one of the pages from our Week 22 for our scrapbook. Tom (my husband) had to travel to Canada for a couple of weeks for work. He sent me some photos, but not many because he was too busy working crazy long hour days! The lake photo at the top is one I sent him showing him how smooth and still the lake was one morning.
  • Sil ID# 30398 - Canada word
  • Sil ID# 80462 - Passport

Super simple! I'll show you the second page for this week tomorrow. See you then!
:) Janis


  1. Love the Michaels store pic. The store I worked at is much older so does not look like this at all.

  2. What a beautiful layout Janis! I love the pictures and I really love the one of the lake while it was so calm. Poor hubby having to work such long, crazy hours and poor you having to have him gone. But I'm glad you got such to share some beautiful photo's with each other! Hugs, Brenda