Thursday, December 6, 2018

100 Days Of Bible Promises - Info, Where to Buy, How it Works, Etc.

(See all 100 Days of Bible Promises HERE - work in progress)

The 100 Days of Bible Promises is a way to art, journal, and be submerged into God's Word on a daily basis meditating on His promises to us.

These pages have:
  • Day number
  • Title
  • Short devotion from the author
  • Scriptures relating to topic
  • Prayer
  • Artwork
You can do anything you want with these pages as you read over the Scriptures, Pray, and talk to God about how this relates to your life.  

You can decoupage, color, draw, write thoughts, paint, adhere stickers, die cuts, ribbon... the possibilities are limitless. Do what you love. I personally love to color with crayons, but you may want to add Zentangle images or draw or paint or write a letter to God on your pages.

This book can be purchased from many different places. I ordered mine online at Walmart, but you can also find it on Amazon, Lifeway, Dayspring and other places. 

Some people take their book (before they start) to Office Depot or Staples or other similar store and have them replace the binding with a spiral binding so they can flip the pages back on each other. Sometimes I do that with my Bible Studies, but I have found this book stays open really well the way it is. You decide what fits you the best.

These are NOT affiliate links. I get nothing if you shop from them, but just to help you out, here are some of the links to places I've found where you can order this book:
I hope you'll check it out. It's very relaxing and fun too. If you are currently doing the 100 Days of Bible Promises or when you start, I'd LOVE you to pop a link to your completed pages in the comments. It's great fun to share ideas!

Thanks for stopping by today. Love you guys! Hugs!
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  1. Thank you for this post. I was curious. :) Explained it very well.

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  2. Awesome pages!
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