Monday, August 18, 2014

Wedding over the Weekend!

Last year, our daughter, Keri, and her boyfriend, Aaron, got married in a private ceremony with parents and siblings only before Aaron got deployed overseas with the Army. We promised them when he got back this year, we'd have a big wedding / party with our family and friends. And that's what we did over the weekend.

We don't have the photographer's photos yet (of course), but we do have a lot of cell phone photos. I want to share some of them with you.

A lot of people have told us how much fun they had, how delicious the food was, what a great group of family and friends we have melding together.... Tom and I just want to be sure that everyone knows, WE did not plan this. People keep telling us what a great job we did. No, no, no.... KERI planned ALL of it. She thought of everything and wow the result was fabulous!

Enjoy the pictures. When we get copies of the professional photos, I'll share some of those with you too.

 The night before at the Rehearsal Dinner  - Keri, Bonnie, Kati

 Getting ready! Tricia just finished doing Keri's hair and is now working on her wedding day makeup.

 Kati, Keri

 When I said I Do, I mean I will for the rest of my life

 Notice Keri's rhinestone Batman symbol on her sash - all the groomsmen wore Superhero t-shirts under their dress shirts and revealed them after the ceremony - Of course Aaron was Batman!

 Batman Wedding cake!

 Bonnie just ate a piece of the black icing - can you tell?

 Aaron's dad, Anson, and Kati dancing

 Niece Mollie, me, Kati

 Photo Bomb!

 Sister-in-Law Kathy, my brother Eddie, niece Mollie

You guys know that Bonnie has special  needs and limited speech. Well, let me tell you. She was given the microphone during the toasts and speeches and gave a wonderful speech to the Bride and Groom. It was precious and had everyone clapping and laughing. We have no idea what she was saying, but she meant it all. I hope someone filmed that.

Big thanks to Michelle at The Members Club at Wildewood for the setup, food, and organization of the event venue.

Huge thanks to the DJ who had us all laughing and dancing all night.

Huge thanks to Tricia who closed her shop to come do the bridal party's hair and makeup for those who wanted it professionally done. This woman is amazing! 

Kati and I made little baskets for the tables. We had paper and pens available for guests to write messages to the bride and groom and place in the baskets.

Kati also made programs for the ceremony that doubled as hand-held fans. Good idea since the ceremony part was outside. She also painted the bride and Batman Groom for the top of the wedding cake.
My children are so creative!

Our son, Jimmy, was transferred to Kansas in June with the Army, so he was not able to attend. We missed him. I so wish he could have celebrated and partied with us!

Thanks for letting me share this event with you. I don't even know how to express how much fun we all had. I loved talking with everyone, laughing, dancing, and just having a good ole time. Keri chose the song, "When you say nothing at all" for the last dance in honor of me and Tom. Tom even picked me up during part of that dance and kept dancing with me while my feet weren't touching the ground (until I begged him to put me down). LOL Keri and Aaron saw it, and Aaron picked Keri up and danced with her like that too. hahahaha 

Thanks for all your extra touches and helping Keri with the wedding, Kati.

Thanks to all the bridal party who were a great support system for the bride and groom and joined them in celebrating their big day (again).

Thanks to everyone who joined us in our celebration.

Congrats to Keri and Aaron! 
We love you both and wish you a long, happy life together.

Proud and happy mom,


  1. What awesome photos!!! Bonnie looks so beautiful as do Keri and Kati!!! :)

  2. What fabulous pictures! Gorgeous, gorgeous couple!!

  3. You have such a fun, loving family. Congrats to the bride and groom!

  4. I love all the pics Janis! I think Keri did a great job of pulling this celebration wedding together. I love all that she did and the cute baskets you and her did. It sure looks like everyone had a great time and looks like a lot of memories were made! Congrats to the happy couple for doing it up again for everyone! Hugs, Brenda

  5. Great photos. Congrats to your daughter and son -in-law