Thursday, August 21, 2014

Frig Magnets - Reminders & Football Season

I love making frig magnets. Just one of those things I enjoy.  With the College Football season about to start a new year (can't wait!), I made something for the side of our refrigerator. Yes - the cut outs are really big! I may put up the South Carolina Gamecocks schedule above it, or I may put up the scores, or who knows.

Silhouette ID# 54672

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Another frig magnet I made this week - a post it note reminder space.

Silhouette ID# 2299

The little pencil on the post it note has nothing to do with my project - I was just covering up the reminder information.

Nothing amazing here, just wanted to share.
Thanks for stopping by!
:) Janis


Sarah P said...

I love your idea. I may be making one for my frig. What kind of vinyl/magnet did you use? Also my sister is a huge SC Gamecock fan, it is hard finding images. Do you have any that you can share? I would love to surprise her with some thing.

Sarah P said...

Also you have the silhouette # wrong. It is #54672

Janis PauseDreamEnjoy said...

Oh man! Thanks. I'll correct it. I just typed it in wrong.

Brenda said...

These are great magnets Janis! Oh gosh you have brought back some memories of when my uncle in Conway used to make magnetic signs of the Gamecocks and us kids had to paint them. lol Fun times!! Hugs, Brenda