Thursday, August 14, 2014

Notice to "FOLLOW by Email" Subscribers - and those interested in Email notifications

Hi, everyone! Please take note.................

There is a FOLLOW BY EMAIL option on the right sidebar. This feature was removed a couple of weeks ago, and I have gotten emails that subscribers are missing this feature!

I am so sorry.

I was having issues with a blog I used to run, Paper Playtime, and bogus emails being sent out. So in order to try to prevent that from happening here at Pause Dream Enjoy, I deleted all the emails of subscribers, and then deleted the feature.

Things are back on track now, and I have re-added the FOLLOW by Email feature.

This feature allows subscribers to receive an email when new posts are added to the Pause Dream Enjoy blog. This is a daily email if new posts go up daily. If no new post goes up that day, you will not receive an email.

If you are a former Subscriber by email or would like to become one,

PLEASE subscribe again in order to RESUME or START this feature.

Even if you were a previous subscriber, you must subscribe again as all of the previous emails were deleted.

Thank you so much!

:) Janis

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Brenda said...

Oh thank you Janis!!