Monday, December 10, 2012

Kati's Cat Condo & Janis' Mini Album

Jingle Jingle! Happy Monday! 
Quick post today.
Our middle daughter, Kati, came over yesterday with this idea to build her kitty a Cat Condo / Scratching Post type thingie.
So she and her daddy picked out some wood from his scrap pile he had left over from our remodeling the house, and got started.
She was able to cover each layer with pillow batting under some really soft material.
The tops are white, and the bottoms are a gorgeous chocolate brown with a diamond pattern.  The bottom shelf has the brown material on the top as well. (Just for some contrast.)
Time to wrap that scratching sisal stuff around the posts.
When Kati is finished, I'll pop another picture up later in the week.
Now, for my little mini album to show you.

Album is made from recycled rolls covered with The Robin's Nest newspaper print cardstock.
Tags are from CTMH ARTISTE cartridge p. 35 cut @ 2 1/2".
I still need to do a lot of embellishing and add some photos to it.
That's it! 
What are you working on today?
Ho Ho Ho
:) Janis


  1. Love the pictures! The cat is going to love her tower! Love your mini....and the flower! I am not working on a darn

  2. Super Cute pics!Adorable tower!Adorable Mini!
    Have a wonderful Monday,

  3. I bet her kitty is going to love that!!! What a gorgeous mini!!! Is that for me??? lol Just kidding. I love that newspaper print paper and that flower is gorgeous!!!