Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy November Morning To You!

The snow is on the ground and so beautiful!

Tom, Bonnie, and I went walking through the dripping show showers yesterday.  Bonnie didn't like it blowing in her face too much and had a difficult time walking, but what an adventure!  We made a tiny snowman on a picnic table and just laughed and laughed.

It's still so weird to me to go to bed and wake up and the snow is still here.  And it sure doesn't slow down people driving, school buses picking up children, etc.  So different than South Carolina.


Our daughter, Keri, is 27 weeks pregnant now.  She called yesterday saying she wasn't feeling the baby move as much as normal.  I told her to call the doctor and call me back.  She ended up going to the hospital and being put on a baby monitor.  The baby is fine.  Heart rate and everything is just fine.  And then she told me, "But I'm having contractions."  


They gave her some medicine to stop them and that worked out just fine and they sent her home.  6 months pregnant is way too early to have a healthy baby.

With all 4 of my pregnancies, I did the same thing.  Several trips to the hospital having contractions and getting oral meds to stop them, then getting an IV with meds at home where I had to stick myself.  Not fun.  I was not expecting any of my girls to go through this too.  I hope she doesn't continue to have these problems.

Keri is having her first baby shower on the 21st of this month.  I won't be there.  I hope she has a fun time.   Please keep them in your prayers.  I am praying Aaron will get a job soon.  He's put in so many applications already.

If anyone wants to send Keri a card, just let me know and I'll share her address with you.

In Mama News...

Mama is continuing to go to therapy a few times a week and making progress.  She's a little down though because she can't do the things she is used to doing and wants to do - like vacuum and mop and just go for a car ride once in a while.  She can't sit in the car for long periods of time because of the bumps.  They also have limited her liquid intake because her kidneys are having a hard time keeping up and that bothers her that she just can't go get something to drink whenever she wants it.  Please keep her in your prayers too.

In Jimmy news...

Jimmy is able to send us messages through Facebook every now and then.  It's so good to hear from him and know he's doing okay over there in Iraq.  We are so proud of him and so thankful for his service.  He is probably going to South Carolina on his Christmas leave since most of our family and his friends are there.  He feels guilty for not coming to Alaska to see us, but I told him not to feel that way.  Of course we want to see him, but I know he would have much more fun participating in the family Christmas gatherings back home than sitting here and being bored with just the 3 of us.

In Kati News...

Kati is doing well at USC.  She's got a full load and studies or works almost all the time.  But we are also so proud of her for actually studying so hard and making such good grades.  She has done some really cool pictures for her photography / art class.  There is so much talent in that little girl!

Home News...

I may have some good news to share in the next couple of weeks.  No, I'm not pregnant!  I don't do that anymore.  We are working on a project, and if everything works out, I'll be very excited to tell you about it.

Keri said I got a box from Marie V. at the house in North.  How exciting!  Only problem is, I don't know how to get in touch with Marie to tell her thank you.  So, if you are reading this Marie, THANK YOU!!

I'm going to work on a mini album today.  I love the mini albums made from envelopes and tags.  I'll post pics later on after I make some progress.

Have a fun day!!


  1. Hi Janis!
    Definitely keeping your Mama and Keri in my prayers. That is sooo wonderful that James will be back home for Christmas! Kati's photos are amazing, and that is a beautiful picture of Bonnie!
    I'll email you soon.
    Hope you are still enjoying your Alaskan weather and snow!

  2. Oh yes, we are definitely still enjoying the Alaskan weather and the snow! It's so beautiful!! Looking forward to your email!

  3. Morning Janice

    Great to read all your news, thanks for sharing, do hope you daughter is OK, such a worry for a Mum - I know from first hand experience that you never stop worrying about them.

    Your snow looks awesome, we get a bit some years but nothing that you can call 'real' snow.

    B x