Friday, November 27, 2009

End of November 2009

I hope everyone is having a GREAT end to November!  I want to share some pictures with you of my family across the nation.

My brother LOVES fishing!  He sent me this pic today - love it!  Looks like they are on the East Coast enjoying Thanksgiving.

This is my brother, Eddie.  He's so fun!

Here is my Mama, Sister - Melody, and my Daddy at Melody's house enjoying Thanksgiving.

And here's a pic of our corner of the world from this morning:

In the last couple of days we've gotten probably over 6" of snow.  I LOVE IT!

Enjoy your long weekend.  Don't do too much shopping. ;)  How many of you actually got up in the middle of the night to hit the stores?  So many people do that.  Not me.  I don't even go out on Black Friday.  For me it's not fun when it's so crowded.

Please comment with a link from your corner of the world from Thanksgiving.  I'd love to see it!

Gobble, gobble.... Ho, Ho, Ho,

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