Monday, December 6, 2021

Frig Calendar!

Time for Christmas Trees on the Frig calendar!

Every month, I put up paper pieced die cuts on the frig calendar numbered for the days of the month. This is something I've done for several years. It started out trying to help Bonnie get a grasp on time, and to see how many more sunshines until whatever it was we were counting down to (doctor appointment, travel, event, etc.). 

I love doing this each month. I have quite the collection of magnets. Sometimes I reuse them, most of the time I create something new. Except for Christmas. The Christmas day cuts have been a tradition since we started doing this. Christmas trees for December days, Rudolph for when they visit while we sleep, and Santa for the day we open the gifts.

I used to buy magnetic tape. But when we were restoring the historical home, Tom had a need for heavy duty magnets with a sticky side for adhering. He had way too much left over, so.... JOY!!!... I got them as a hand-me-down for my frig magnets and other crafty projects. Yay!

We also have 2 charts on the frig (not shown - I temporarily took them down for the photo). 

One chart is the months of the year with each family member's name and birthday including year. 

The other chart is each family member listed by their family & kids in order of age with the years 2020 through 2030 across the top. It's simple to use:
1) Find the person you are interested in
2) move through the chart to the current year
3) the chart will tell you their age in that year

The grandkids love it! Okay, I do too since I have a hard time keeping up and remembering everyone's birthday and ages.

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