Thursday, October 28, 2021

#4 of CTMH Got Candy Card Series

Hello, crafters!
Before I show you today's card make, please keep my husband, Tom, in your prayers today through the weekend. The surgery that was planned a couple of weeks ago, was postponed to today instead. He will be in the hospital a few days before coming home. Hopefully things will go well, and he'll come home before the weekend starts.

You may or may not know that Tom went through several doctor appointments, tests, procedures, etc trying to narrow down what exactly was wrong. They did a biopsy thinking for sure it would be cancer. That came back inconclusive, and now the doctor thinks it's probably not cancer, but something he was born with that has just now started to give him troubles. And when I say "just now" this has been going on for a few months. Anyway, he's already had 2 surgeries, and we hope this will be the last one. They will remove the damaged area and have to reroute some things, so pretty major surgery. The bad area will be sent to the lab for testing again. Hopefully it will come back as not cancer as the doctor now suspects.  Anyway, I would greatly appreciate all of your prayers for everyone involved in his surgery and care while in the hospital, that God protects him, and heals him completely and quickly so his life and our lives can get back to normal again. Thank you so very much for praying.

I'll post an update about his progress hopefully next week.


Time for a new mini series of cards 
all using the papers & stickers 

Enamel dots on this one were also from my stash
The sentiment stickers are really fun!

Thanks for visiting & commenting!
:) Janis


  1. Cute card! Love the paper. Sending prayers to your husband for a successful surgery and speedy recovery
    Have a great day!
    Marilyn ❤️

  2. Such a fun design that lets you use so many papers on one card. Cute!

    I'm praying for Tom - and you and Bonnie, too! I sure hope this will solve things (no more surgery) and he'll recover quickly, too.