Sunday, November 24, 2019

If it's going to be this Cold, It should go ahead and just Snow then

First of all, Happy Birthday to our 2 four-legged girls,
Mary Ann & Ginger! 6 years old today!
(Yes, their names are from Gilligan's Island.)

Second, it's COLD!
We don't have central Heat and Air.... yet... so we are using heaters.
It helps. We are very grateful for them, but it's still COLD!
I mean, when you get up to go let the dog's out in the morning,
and you can see your breath because we don't have portable heaters in every room,
that's just crazy. hahahaha
No worries, we are working on some solutions.

But, that leads me to the THIRD thing which has 3 points:
1) I deal much better with heat than I do bitter cold even though we did live in Alaska 3 different times.
2) I think the bears have the right idea, sleep through the winter and just wake back up when it's warmer outside.
3) I can see why older people move to Florida.  I'm not that old. Only 54, but I get so stiff in the cold.

Okay, enough whining about that.... 

All day I've had the Winter Wonderland song stuck in my head. I was even singing it out loud for a little while. LOL

Lori Whitlock Snowman Box card design
Miss Kate Cuttables pattern papers.
I love box cards.

P.S. See that mirror with the "J" on it? That was my Mama's. Her name was Judy. I miss my Mama.

:) Janis


  1. OH my! Hope you all fix the situation with the heat soon. I would not survive that. I don't mind cold but not that cold. Love your snowman box card! Happy Birthday to your dogs!
    Have a great day!

  2. It sure would be great to sleep through the winter and wake up skinny!
    I love your cards. You and Mary are best.

  3. Love the box card. As for being that cold, brrrrr. Although I was brought up in an era of just one coal fire for the whole house. I must have got soft LOL.
    Faith x