Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Stampin' Up Surprise!

I have the best husband in the world!

He told me today to be on the look out for UPS who was out for delivery with some stuff he ordered for an upcoming Autocross event. He told me to go ahead and open it because I could use it too.

When the box arrived, I opened it to take a picture to text him what came in. 

Boy was I surprised to see that it wasn't anything for him or his car or any upcoming Autocross event. It was for me! He ordered me a Stampin' Up Color Caddy I've been wanting. I couldn't believe it!  He is so good to me.

If you don't know what a color caddy is, here is the catalog picture.

I don't have near that many ink pads, and only have 2 refill bottles. But now I have a place to put the rest of the colors when I order them.  :)

Love my hubby.


  1. That is AWESOME Janis!!! You're right... He's the best hubby!!! Had I known you wanted one of these... I totally would have sold ya mine... I don't use it anymore... because my husband built me an ink storage/holder a long time ago... I soooo LOVE it and it's on the wall... he even added the topper part so my ink refills would fit! I guess we both have AWESOME Husbands!!! LOL Enjoy it! :)
    Theresa’s Crafty Creations