Sunday, May 28, 2017

Card Oopsie

I didn't have anything scheduled to post yesterday or for today, 
so I thought I'd share with you my card oopsie.
This is the tiniest card I've ever made, but it wasn't on purpose.

Look! It fits in the palm of my hand.

It measures a little over an inch and a half when folded for mailing. 

And then I smudged the sentiment, so I'm pretty sure this little oopsie is staying with me in my craft room.

I used my Cricut and Lori Whitlock's All Occasion Box Cards.
I didn't resize the file. Just cut it out how it put it on my virtual mat in Design Space.
Why wouldn't they just bring in the file the correct size?

Logically, I should have resized it larger.
But on my computer it looked good. LOL
There are measurements in the handbook, but I don't know what I'm suppose to do with that information. 

Oh well. It's a teeny weeny Get Well card that turned out cute even though it's way too small.

Enjoy your weekend!
:) Janis


  1. HAHA aww this is super cute!!!!! Maybe you could use this card as a way to gift it to someone who has a small pet that is recovering from a surgery or injury? Since our pets are the smallest loves of our lives... maybe this card would suffice? LOL but either way, it's adorable!

  2. LOL... hate those silly oops moments! It is super CUTE though! I think they design them a certain size so you can resize it to your needs... Maybe I'm wrong on that? But I've never had to resize those types of files with my Silhouette.... they usually just fit perfectly... Bummer you have to figure out the resize info.... Thanks for sharing your boo boo with us... makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only crafter who makes silly little mistakes... LOL Have a great day! HUGS! :)


  3. I think it so adorable!! My sister bought a cricut cartridge(I think it was popup cards) and made one of the cards. It was so tiny (1 3/4 X 2 1/4) She put it in a A2 size envelope and mailed it to me. LOL!

  4. Super cute either way!! But love it's size!