Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2nd Winter "Storm" in just a couple of weeks

Living in South Carolina usually means mild winters and extremely hot and humid summers. Rarely do we get snow. If we do, rarely does it last for more than a few hours before the sun comes out and melts it away.  We are not prepared here in the south for wintry snowy weather. It just doesn't occur enough here.  It's unusual that this is the 2nd time in a couple of weeks that we have had a Winter Storm Warning. Last time we got a few inches of snow that actually stayed on the ground a few days. And now we have ice accumulation from sleet. It's been sleeting all day. I personally think it's beautiful.

Luckily that tree limb didn't hit anything when it fell except the ground.

That tree was leaning on the satelite dish, but Tom pushed it aside so we could get a signal.

More trees leaning over from the weight of the ice.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Here in NH we got 9 inches and tomorrow we are expecting 12-14. Although it is pretty, it's a bitch to drive in. Good luck

  2. Hope you all are staying warm and safe!

    Hugs, Melissa

  3. Yep, we have the same kinds of pictures from our ice storm that I posted on my blog, but we are in PA so we get that kind of weather and are used to it or as used to it as one can get. Being a southern gal, I know that the south rarely gets it, but this year has been very unusual!!

  4. Being born in SC, I know want you mean. I live in Michigan now and I still love getting the snow. I feel for all of you in SC. I hope you don't lose power. All of my family is sitting at home in the dark.