Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Crochet Scarves

I have really been enjoying crocheting some scarves for family lately. It's so relaxing and doesn't take much yarn at all.  Here are 2 more scarves I made over the weekend.

Project #298 of this year
The above black and rose scarf is for a family member who contacted me on Facebook and said, "I think you are drawing my name for Christmas this year, so I'd love you to crochet me a scarf."  LOL  Fixed Christmas drawings... something's not right about that. hahahaha

Project #297 of this year
The above "Turqua and white" scarf is for our daughter, Keri. Yes, the name of the yarn is actually "Turqua". I love it. Turquoise and Aqua. It's beautiful!

I started making myself a scarf, but ran out of yarn. So it's half done, and I've set it aside to work on another one until I can go get a refill on that particular color I need for mine.

Here are some other scarves I've made recently in case you missed those post last month....

The burgundy & black one is for our college student - her school colors.

This multi-color one for BonBon. She's so pretty wearing it on our walks.

I've used this book by Darla Sims and the book shown below also by her for the patterns for all these scarves.

I love these crochet books because they give you the pattern repeat so you can make anything you want any size you want. The older books I have have projects in them with directions to complete that particular project. So an afghan may say chain 154 then go to Row 1.  Well, what if I want my afghan larger or smaller? I had no idea how to adjust that.  That's why I like these 2 books so much by Darla Sims. Because it will say "chain 8 plus 3" for pattern repeat.  So I just keep chaining 8 until I think my scarf or other project is wide enough, then add the plus 3 chains and start for Row 1. It's so easy. I LOVE these books!!

All of my scarves were crocheted holding 2 threads of yarn together and using a size K hook. I like the larger hooks like the K one. And holding the 2 threads together for the entire project, makes the project thicker... and hopefully the scarves warmer.

I hope everyone has a very nice Thursday. You know, Thursdays are my favorite days of the weeks. Smiles! :) Janis

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  1. I love this...I am making a scarf for my son, but I don't have a pattern yet. I usually grab one online. Love the colors you chose.