Friday, July 22, 2011


Hey!!!  And you thought I wasn't going to post today, didn't you. LOL

My daughter, Kati, is a professional photographer.  She has a photo page on Facebook with a contest going on right now for the CUTEST FAMILY PHOTO.

The winner will receive a FREE photo shoot in Columbia, South Carolina.  (Come on, you know you want to make a road trip to the South.)

I'd love for you to go vote for who you think has entered the CUTEST FAMILY PHOTO.

Here's what you need to do....

  • Login to Facebook.
  • Search for or if you are already Friends, go to Kati Lewis-Photography.
  • Click on PHOTOS under the profile picture
  • Click on CUTEST FAMILY CONTEST to open up the photos to vote for
  • Click LIKE on the photos you like the best.
  • The photo with the most LIKES will win!! (Comments DON'T count! Must be LIKES!)
  • If you are having trouble LIKING a photo, send a friend request to Kati Lewis-Photography and then LIKE the photo of your choice.
  • Voting is from Friday, July 22 through July 28th at 11pm.
Go have some fun this weekend!
:) Janis
My hubby & Bonnie at a picnic table at a Riverfront Park this summer.

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