Wednesday, June 1, 2011

This & That

Hello all my bloggy friends!  We have officially moved from Texas to South Carolina.  We've been here a couple weeks, but still living out of boxes. This house is a project. The drywall isn't finished getting mudded and sanded yet, so only 2 rooms are actually painted. My hubby, Tom, is working hard on building me some kitchen cabinets. I love that he can do stuff like that. It's going to be gorgeous when we are through, but it sure would be nice to have closet shelving and rods to hang clothes on.... Oh well.... maybe soon.

My Cricut is still packed.  I've been enjoying crocheting. I've completed 2 baby blankets, 2 sofa blankets, and 2 runners for the piano or coffee table, etc. I'm working on a 3rd baby blanket right now.  Crocheting is so very relaxing.

Our son, James, got married on Sunday!  Welcome to the family, Nhi!

Bonnie & I went to the library today. She picked out 12 books from the children's section. She LOVES going to the library.  I asked the librarian if Bonnie could participate in the summer Read To Me program, but she said Bonnie was too old.  I just smiled and said okay, but inside I was hurt and surprised.  Technically, Bonnie is too old.  She's 17.  But she also has special needs and her mentality is like a toddler. She can't read or say a lot of words, but she loves looking at books and pointing to stuff like flowers, animals, planes, etc.  I decided we'd just make our own summer reading chart with goals and prizes.  I'll make something on the computer and post it on the frig.  It will be fun!  Bltzzzz to the library lady.

Here is a link to my page.  I made a bookshelf just for Bonnie if you want to see what she picked out today.



      Bonnie's Summer Read To Me Books



Biscuit Meets the Class Pet

The Thief of Bracken Farm

Sleepy, Oh So Sleepy

Fun and Games: A Spot-it Challenge

Fix-It Duck

Jordin Sparks

Farley Follows His Nose

Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl

A Sick Day for Amos McGee

Pinkerton, Behave!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears


Janis's favorite books »




She's so cute.  She'd pick up a book, bring it to the table, set it down, and then pat it.  I swear she's the happiest child in the world.  Yesterday, she wasn't feeling too good.  She didn't eat a big breakfast or hardly any lunch and didn't want supper at all.  Poor darling was hot with a fever, but I couldn't find the thermometer in all the packed boxes.  Talk about looking for a needle in a haystack!  I put my nightgown on her and wiped her with a cool, wet washcloth.  She loved the washcloth on her face.  I couldn't sleep well last night because I was so worried about her. I kept having weird dreams and then waking up and praying for her all night.  This morning, her fever was gone, and she's acting like herself again.  Don't know what that was about yesterday, but glad it's GONE!

Have fun this week!  I hope to start unpacking my crafting goodies and getting my craft room organized this week.

:) Janis


  1. Oh Janis...your post makes me so happy! It is the simple things in life that can bring us such joy...a trip to the library and spending time with our children is what makes life so worth living :)
    I am glad your trip to SC went well and your kitchen looks great so far. So nice to have a handy husband :)
    Have a great day!!

  2. didn't know you were moving !! happy your move was safe. Congrats to your son ! and you are now closer to I am !!

  3. So glad you are back home near your family and that the house is coming along. Crochet is a nice crafty diversion from paper crafts...glad you are able to delve into it with such gusto. Bonnie is a gem and a jewel and such a joy to all of us! Cannot wait till we can visit and cannot wait to see your house!

  4. Happy to hear from you! Glad the moving trip went well! The cabinets are looking great! I know you will be happy to craft again! I am sure Bonnie will enjoy the books. Hope she is feeling great today! Beautiful pic of your new daughter-in-law!
    Take care!

  5. Glad to get another update. Sorry to hear about the library. There are other programs available. Local bookstores are pretty good like Barnes and Nobles. I like that you are going to create your own chart too.

  6. Oh I just love the Biscut books!!!
    I bought quite a few of them for Bug when she was little and then for the twins. I still look at them when I go to the bookstore. I think they are just the sweetest books!!! Love how your cabinets are coming along. Here I thought mine were pretty good, but then I get a look at yours! Wowzers!!! I love the small ones in the middle of the big ones!! Love the corner one! I have a great corner one myself. I don't have a corner one on the bottom 'cus I just had to have this really big double sink that I just love!! I use to could crochet a long, I guess you would call it a cord. One stitch and all in a long line. Guess you can tell I'm not a crocheter!! LOL I use to could knit, too. I prefer paper crafting!! Hope you get those rods and shelves in the closets soon!! Love ya!! :)