Saturday, April 16, 2011

Help Fight MS! $1.00 Donation Request

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My husband, Tom, is participating in the BP MS 150 Bike Event this weekend. They will end up pedaling from Houston to Austin, Texas divided up between Houston to La Grange on Saturday (today) and La Grange to Austin tomorrow.

 Okay, so BonBon wasn't really a rider, she was just helping her daddy hold his bike after today's event was completed.
Tomorrow is the final day of the event. Please pray for safety for all the riders. I know there were at least 2 injuries for cyclists that involved an ambulance and critical care.  With such a large crowd of bikers on the roads, you don't want crashes to happen, but sometimes they do.

Tom did GREAT today! We are so proud of him!!

I want to ask all my crafting buddies, followers, friends, etc, to please donate $1 toward this cause. Just think how fast those one dollars would add up if a handful of you donated. Now, don't feel pressured. Sometimes even $1 is hard to come by, and I totally understand that.  I love you all whether you donate or not. If you would like to donate a dollar, here is the link that will give Tom credit for your donation toward his goal:
Thank you in advance!

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  1. I stopped over to enter my Explosion Basket into your cuttlebug challenge, but I missed the cut off by a few hours (this is common for me)... Oh well, next time!! :) Instead, I'd just like to say THANKS to Tom for riding in the MS150... My SIL has MS, so we all appreciate his willingness to tackle 150 miles!! We have ridden in the MS rides before -- and hope to ride again later this year...

    Prayers and hopes for a quick recovery after his ride!! :)

    Amy :) at