Saturday, January 29, 2011


This is your friendly weekend reminder to mark your calendars for the CUPCAKE BLOG HOP which starts RIGHT HERE on Saturday, February 26th.

I know, I know.... it's not until the end of next month.
But I figure if I keep reminding you every weekend until then, you surely won't forget and miss all the delicious fun! Right?!

Have a fun weekend, you guys.
Be Adventurous!
Be Explorers!
Do Something New!
Do Something So Not Like You!
Surprise Yourself!
Surprise Your Spouse!
Surprise Your Kids!
You Can Do It!
Play Chase!
Be Silly!
Eat Chocolate!
Let Someone Else COOK!
Take A Nap!
Watch A Chic Flick!
(...and report back here via comments what you did!
But only if you feel like sharing... and keep it 
Rated G,
 ****, you know who you are. 
We don't need to know EVERYTHING.

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Monique Barr said...

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