Thursday, December 17, 2009

More Snow!

Tom's truck this morning before he brushed all the snow off.

Day 4 of the continuous snow floating down.  This is a picture of Tom's truck this morning after he brushed all the snow off so he could get in and drive to work.  He said the snow in front of the truck went above his knee!

The temperature, Lizzy, was 7 when this was taken at 7:30 this morning, and said it felt like -3.  Eeee gads.  Bonnie and I will be staying in and just enjoying the picturesque view from our windows.

It's just so amazing to look around.  The sky is a very pale whitesh blue, the trees are white, the buildings are white, the cars are covered in white, the ground is covered in varying degrees of thickness of white, the street lights, light posts, road signs.  And the white stuff keeps floating down.

There is a blind man that lives in our building.  Everyday you can see him walking with his stick down the road to the walking trail.  I just saw him walking by and I wonder how in the world he can still venture out when the ground terrain is so different with all this snow on it.  How can he still tell where he is?

Now for my silly side... just a couple things to help your brain do some pondering today:

1)  If NASA sends a pregnant lady into space and she gives birth, is her baby considered an alien?

2)  What does Geronimo yell when he jumps out of an airplane?

Jingle Bells,


  1. Oh brrrrrr. I am such a woos and 37 degrees here in Phoenix just about sends me into the freeze zone. You stay warm, ya hear?

  2. I'm with Carole,tee heee compared to Alaska, California is hot!

    While the snow is beautiful I cant imagine dealing with it early in the morning before going to work!