Friday, December 18, 2009

Keri & Aaron and Baby to Be

Here is a picture of our daughter, Keri, and her boyfriend, Aaron.  This was taken at Thanksgiving.  Aren't they the most beautiful couple?  We just love Aaron like he's our own son.

Now look at Keri's current baby belly pic in the post below.  It's amazing to me how much that baby has grown just since Thanksgiving!

The doctor said the baby is growing perfectly and is a little larger than the average baby at this time in the pregnancy.  I guess he's going to be tall like Aaron. 

Just to give you a little perspective, Keri is taller than me.  (I know.  I'm short.  Just 5'2").  My hubby, Tom, is 5'11" and I'm not sure how tall Keri and Aaron are, but they are both taller than I am.  So I guess this little baby to come is going to be tall too.

I love that picture of them!  They are a good fit.  Always laughing and smiling.  What a happy family this baby is being born into.

Jingle Bells,


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  2. Such a beautiful couple. I can't wait to see pics of their darling lttle one!