Thursday, August 31, 2023

Love This!

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When I was in 6th grade, 
a skating rink was built right down the street from school.
EVERYBODY went skating on Friday and Saturdays. 
I saved up enough babysitting money to buy my own skates, 
& even bought them a size too big so they would last me forever. 
And don't forget the pom poms! 
I had a pair of pink & a pair of purple pom poms on my skates. 
In in my high school years, I was still going roller skating on some weekends.  
I loved roller skating.  
I held on to my skates until I was in my 30s, 
and finally took them to Goodwill one Saturday. 
There are so many great memories of weekends 
spent there with all our friends from the neighborhood and school. 
Good Times.

Not that you wanted to hear any of that, 
but now you know something about me that I loved.

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