Friday, May 6, 2022

The Roller Coaster Ride Continues....

The roller coaster ride continues...  (short version: not moving to Alaska. Long version, keep reading)

We are on track for closing on our house on Monday (in 3 days). Unfortunately, the search for a place to live in Alaska has resulted in exactly one house. Well, we came to our senses and decided that $4300 a month is too much for rent. It's a nice house and all, but no!

Add to that, the pending job that Tom is feeling pretty optimistic about, and we just can't see the Alaska move working for us right now.

So we are staying in SC... at least for a while. We found a pretty awesome place to rent in Chapin. A brand spanking new house to boot. And it's NOT $4300 a month. If Tom does get the possible other job, it will be virtual, so we will buy some land and build the dream, forever home in South Carolina. Somewhere.

Alaska people, sorry we won't be coming up there to hang... especially Tanacross. Tom is gonna REALLY miss the Tanacross shenanigans. If he doesn't get the other job though, he's committed to an occasional trip up there for work. Maybe he can schedule one around Fall Tanacross. :)

SC people, sorry that you're stuck with us. :)

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  1. You and Tom must be having a LOT of interesting conversations this past month and now into May. Best wishes and prayers as decisions unfold.

  2. They say house selling/buying is the most stressful after bereavement. I do hope whatever comes to you next in your house/job search, you will find it worked out as it should do. Good Luck.

  3. Sorry to hear about your problems! Sending prayers for you and Tom to make the right decisions
    Have a great day!