Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Pocket Letter: Halloween #1

Welcome to a brand new week of your life. Make it a great one!

Today I'm going to share with you a pocket letter I made for a Facebook swap group. I haven't made but a few Pocket Letters, so I'm still trying to decide what's enough, what's too much, etc when I build one. Hopefully my swap partner will like this one.

Several of the pockets have ribbon or twine wrapped around the inserts.
Tiny clothes pins
puffy stickers
die cuts
sticker sentiments

The back has little goodies, info, letter, and short little tidbits of my day. I also included a date card for when this was mailed - from who - to who... And I looked up the meaning of the name of the lady I'm swapping with and wrote that definition and pronunciation on a little silhouette of a woman.

It's a little chunky for the envelope, so I added extra postage to it.
Hopefully, she will enjoy it.

If you are a pocket letter seasoned pro, please feel free to give me advice, tips, and tricks on how to make a great one. I wanted to add some washi tape to the part where the holes are for a binder, but low and behold, I have no washi tape. I know. Gasp, right? Just never gotten into that. But it seems I need to start a collection now for these.

Thanks for visiting with me today!
:) Janis

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