Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Halloween Pocket Letter #2

Thanks for visiting with me today!
So excited to share another pocket letter with you.

Now, if you saw the one from yesterday, you are going to notice that the sent to pocket and the name pocket are on this one too. That's because I ended up using the one yesterday for someone else. I swapped out those 2 pockets with something different.

Here's the front... man I need to get some washi tape.

And here's the back.
The white coin envelopes have goodies inside - whatever the items are on the outside. So one has googlie eyes, and one has buttons, etc.

These are fun. I'm still not sure I'm doing them right. But I'm having fun and hopefully the person receiving these will enjoy them too.

See you tomorrow!
The start of BOO month!!

:) Janis

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