Tuesday, December 17, 2019

What's New With You?

Hi, everyone!

It's been a while since I've had daily posts to my blog. So here's a little update on the Lewis Family:

We finally got some "sightlesses" up (as Tom calls blinds). Yay!
Now everyone passing or walking by doesn't get sucked into watching what we are watching on TV. LOL

We also got some gas lines run in all of the fireplaces downstairs and a couple other rooms. Temporarily we've installed some gas heaters in some rooms, but eventually we will get gas logs installed. There are 3 fireplaces downstairs, and 3 upstairs. Gotta love these old houses.

I've signed up for my first paint class in January. We are going to paint the above picture. I've been wanting to do a group paint class for a long time, and there is a new place in town (walking distance from our house), that offers public group paint classes and private group classes. I rounded up a few friends and family, and we are all looking forward to a private paint class the first week in January. Should be a ton of fun.

Currently, I'm working on this Old Couple cross stitch piece. (Photo from Amazon) It has 47 colors and a total of 27,872 stitches. I'm loving it!  I have the far right side to finish (dresser, wall above dresser, cat and mattress under cat).  Not too much more, and I'll be done. Hopefully it will be finished soon so I can get it framed and start a new piece.

I should be back to more posting on my blog in January. Thanks for not forgetting about me. I had turned off commenting for a while because I was being flooded with spammers. Hopefully they've all moved on now, and I have commenting enabled again. (Pop up window)

:) Janis

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