Thursday, March 28, 2019

Cricut Made Car Tattoos

Hi, everyone!

I never showed you the vinyl cuts my husband, Tom, did for the Jeeps (our's and our daughter, Kati's.) Tom actually designed the tire tread, made it an SVG cut, and cut it out with the Cricut. He also cut out the SNOOPY on our's. It did say Casper, but we like SNOOPY better.
C,mon... those who follow me on Facebook, know how much I love me some Snoopy. LOL
Check it out!



And here is some Cricut cut vinyl for the truck...

And here is some Cricut cut vinyl for back windows. I think us and all the kids have this on our cars. It's from the TV show The Office.  
Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

Tom drew those images and made them into SVG cuts too.
He's so talented.
(One of our daughter's cars below)

Tomorrow, I'll show you some t-shirts he's made this week!

:) Janis

P.S. I'm doing very well after my surgery! Yay! Thanks for all of your kind words and prayers.

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