Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Read any good books lately?

Hi, friends. Read anything good lately? Link it up in my 2018 Book Challenge (tab at top of blog).

I love to read books in a series. Right now I'm still reading the Aurora Teagarden series. Did you know some of these first books are made for TV Movies that play on the Hallmark channel? I'm not sure how many they've done, but I've seen several of them. I like to read the book first, then see it on TV. Plus now when I read, I have faces to put with the characters. That's always fun for me.  Yesterday I started #9 in the series, All the Little Liars.

In 2010 I read book #8 not knowing this was a series. I liked the book a lot, and decided I'd start at the beginning and read them all. Obviously since 2010 I've read many other books in between keeping up with the series. Yesterday I finished #7 in the series, considered reading #8 again since I'm sure it would make more sense now when they mention things from the past, but decided to move on to #9 instead.

Just wanted to chat a little with you today. Didn't have a craft item to share, so thought we'd talk about books for a bit.

Would love you to link up what you are reading. You can use the Goodreads link (which is preferred) when linking up. That way we can read the synopsis, see the star rating, check out the other books if it's part of a series, etc. I'm always looking for a good series to keep me entertained for a while.

Hope you guys have a very beautiful day.

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