2018 Book Challenge

Link up what you are reading below (preferably to the book in Goodreads) or browse to find your next good read. Enjoy!


Reading Challenge Ideas:

Want a reading challenge for 2018? Pick one of these ideas or do them all.
  1. books for every letter of the alphabet (by title, author, setting, character, etc.)
  2. all the books in a series
  3. Pick a category and read 1-3 books in that category (hobbies, self help, suspense, etc.)
  4. For 3 books in a row, read a different genre (sci-fy, mystery, romance, historical, etc.)
  5. a book set in your state
  6. a book by an author with your same first name (or first and last same initials)
  7. a comic book
  8. a short story
  9. a biography of someone you've never heard of 
  10. a book that you and the characters share something you enjoy doing (knitting, travel, photography, racing, antiques, party planning, etc)
  11. a book based completely on the cover (don't even peek at the synopsis on the back cover or inside flap)
  12. 3 different books in 3 different forms (library, e-book, audiobook... paperback, hardcover)
  13. Re-read an old favorite
  14. a book you can finish in one sitting
  15. a book published the year you were born
  16. a book published every decade of your life
  17. Span through time... Read a book set in the past, the present, and the future
  18. Pick a book for a friend to read, and have them pick a book for you
  19. a book with a color name in the title
  20. a book with a one word title
  21. a book where the main character is not human (animal, robot, computer, angel...)
  22. a book you keep hearing about but haven't considered reading yet
  23. See what your friends are reading on Goodreads, and read the same book
  24. a book made into a movie
  25. a book on display at your... library, favorite bookstore, shop window, etc.
  26. a favorite book by your favorite actor
  27. 3 books whose characters have 3 different professions (cop, doctor, waitress, etc.)
  28. a book based on a true story
  29. a book where the main character is your age, your child's age, your parent's age, etc.)
  30. a book based in the generation of your grandparents
  31. a book based around the sea
  32. a book with... mermaids, pirates, castaways, or any other things you've never encountered in real life
  33. a book based on a cruise ship or horse farm or race track or in space
  34. a book of poetry or inspirational quotes or music lyrics
  35. a book based on best friends and all the adventures they encounter together
  36. Type in any word in Google with the word book and read something on the list
  37. Click LISTOPIA on Goodreads. Choose a category, and read 3 books from the list
  38. a book featuring one of the Clue game weapons on the cover or in the title
  39. a book that has characters with your children's names
  40. a book that scares you
  41. a book that makes you smile
  42. a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat
  43. a book that inspires you
  44. a book that makes you laugh
  45. a book with magic
  46. a book set in the summer
  47. a book set in the winter
  48. a book set in the Fall
  49. a book set in the spring
  50. a play
  51. a book based or turned into a TV show
  52. a courtroom drama
  53. a children's book
  54. a young adult book
  55. a mystery
  56. a biography
  57. a Western
  58. read a Christian nonfiction book (maybe FerventThe Power of a Praying WifeDo You Know Who I Am?)
  59. a Classic you've never read
  60. on the Best Seller's List
  61. Chick Lit
  62. a bed and breakfast mystery
  63. a fairytale
  64. a medical thriller
  65. historical fiction
  66. a book involving time travel
  67. a book with your favorite color on the cover
  68. a book published this year
  69. an Award Winning Book
  70. a book with zombies
  71. a book currently on your bookshelf
  72. a book your significant other loved
  73. a book with a blue spine or cover
  74. a book with more than 5 words in the title
  75. a book mentioned in another book
  76. a book with the day of the week as the title
  77. a book on the 2nd row and 3 books in at the library in any section
  78. a book set somewhere you've always wanted to visit
  79. a book by more than one author
  80. a book about religion
  81. a book about an historical figure
  82. a book set in the South
  83. a true crime book
  84. a book with less than 250 pages
  85. a book over 350 pages
  86. a book with the setting in a library or book store
  87. a diary / memoir
  88. a book about the Royals (fiction or nonfiction)
  89. a book by a male author
  90. a book by a female author
  91. a book written by an author from another country
  92. a self published book
  93. a book with someone's name in the title
  94. a book with music or song as the title
  95. a book by Agatha Christie
  96. read my favorite book, A Man Called Ove
  97. a book that had me laughing (maybe Louisiana Longshot or any of the Janet Evanovich between the number books)
  98. a book that surprises you (Pines)
  99. Paranormal fun (Midnight Crossroad)
  100. read one of these books that I read several years ago... Honeymoon for One or Vi Agra Falls

2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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