Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Christmas Diary (spoilers)

Hi, everyone!
This post may contain more information about the book 
than you'd like to know if you are going to read it yourself.

I love to read. Seems like since the Spring of this year I haven't read as much as I normally do. Several books I started and didn't finish because they just weren't that good, and I didn't feel like wasting my time. But this time of year I do love reading Christmas stories. Stories about Angels. Stories about miracles. Stories that make you feel all is right with the world again.  Kindle Unlimited has a lot of Christmas books. I filled up my cart with those that sounded interesting, and just finished a really good book I want to tell you about.

This book had everything I love about a good book.
Normal people (not billionaires)
Real life struggles
Unexplained forces/encounters/visitors/you know... the spiritual world
Fabulous converstaions
And best of all, what I liked the most, is that there were no cuss words, no sex, and no long descriptions that go on and on and on and on.

This book started and continued moving until the very end. I mean, how could I put it down unless I was finished? (or the dogs needed to go outside, or the clothes needed to be washed, or the family needed to be fed...) In other words, the only uninterrupted time I had to read, was when I went to bed at night. The first night I only stopped reading because my eyelids were getting too heavy. And last night there was no way I was sleepy. I had to finish this before going to sleep. It was that good.

Maybe I liked it so much because it's been too long since I found an interesting book that I read to the end. Maybe I liked it so much because I haven't been able to read as much lately, and I just missed the escape. Whatever the reason, this book was enjoyable and ranked right up there at the top of my favorite books of all time. 

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