Tuesday, December 19, 2017

2018 Reading Challenge

Hi, everyone!

Each year, I set up a reading challenge for myself through Goodreads. I just pick a number I think I can read, and go from there. Sometimes I'll pull book titles from a challenge list, sometimes I go through the alphabet for the title, author, or setting, and sometimes who knows what I'll read next. I always enjoy this. I don't always meet my challenge, but I always enjoy reading no matter how many I get through.

I'll be setting up a Page Tab at the top of my blog of the books I read in 2018. Just in case you ever want to read something and don't know what, maybe you'll find your next book in the list.

There are a ton of reading challenge book lists out there already for 2018 if you want to be more organized and know exactly what you will read. I'm just going to go with the flow. I'm the kind of person if I'm not into the book, I drop it and pick up another. I'm not so OCD that I feel like I have to waste my time finishing something I'm not enjoying.

You can always see 3 things about my reading on my blog in the left column. 
  1. I always have my Goodreads goal and a progress bar of where I'm at so far in the year.
  2. I always have what I'm currently reading there with a link to the book at Goodreads.
  3. I always have what I just finished reading with a link as well.
I also have my favorite book of all time shown. Currently it is A Man Called Ove that I read in 2016.

What will you be reading in 2018?
Are you up to a Reading Challenge?
Leave a message in the comments about what your favorite book is, and what you'll be reading in 2018. I'm always looking for a great book suggestion. 

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